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Minecraft Terrain

Yesterday, on my day off, I played around with generating some Minecraft-like terrain. A lot of people see Minecraft and think "Hey, that doesn't look too complicated...I could do that!" As a result, we have lots of Minecraft clones and articles about implementing Minecraft-like terrain. I think that's great, because it inspires people who don't have much graphics programming experience to give it a try. A game like Crysis doesn't exactly do that. It's just too much complexity for a single person to handle. Anyway, the first step in my journey to copy Minecraft was to implement a "mesher." A mesher converts a 3D bitmap containing block data into a quad mesh that's displayable using OpenGL. This part was surprisingly easy, at least for the simple approach I took. I decided to sweep each "column" of blocks in the X, Y, and Z directions, and generate the quad faces that way. This doesn't allow quad faces to span across m